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How to become a Punterz Pro

Unleash the potential of your tips

Demonstrate to have all the right tools to be a Pro, play and share your bets on the platform for at least 30 days.

Hold your primacy

Maintain a constant profit and a high win rate throughout the period of analysis to give proof of your Pro status and start selling your predictions.

Improve your performance

Follow other Pros, discover all the tricks for winning your tips, check the stats of every single match before betting on it, refine your betting technique and improve your performance.

To do list to be a Punterz Pro

Above-average win rate

Keep a good and high win rate to enjoy the full benefits of your bets and bring even more Punterz to follow you

Continuous and constant profit

Demonstrate your abilities to your followers by guaranteeing them a constant profit over time and some winning tips to be copied effortlessly

Positive yield

Show your talent of predicting the outcomes of sporting events and give a proof to be an experienced bettor by getting a positive yield

Regular attendance

Play your bets continuously on the platform to become a point of reference for the members of our community

What are the Punterz PRO’s earnings?

The value of your tips can reach up to €100 on Punterz. The users, who decide to subscribe to your predictions, would spend any sum to know your opinion on the incoming matches.

The more your bets are reliable, the more you earn from each user who want to pay for your tips.

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What are the Punterz PRO’s earnings?

Increase your follower and earn more.

Sustain high-level performance over time and bring even more people to start a subscription to your tips. When your followers increase in number, also your earnings will grow exponentially. You will get higher monthly profits, in addition to those you can obtain only by placing your winning bets, if more users are interested to pay for receiving them.

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Increase your follower and earn more.

We guarantee payments when you reach the minimum threshold

You can check your credit amount at any time directly from your wallet. You will be always aware of the number of Punterz who have subscribed to your tips. Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can send a payment request and we will transfer your credit from your wallet to your account on the payment method you have selected.

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We guarantee payments when you reach the minimum threshold

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